Only Michael Jackson can make a grown black man scream frantically just by walking.



INFJ Confession #893 


The INFJ will go above and beyond for those they care about. But even the INFJ has a limit. You abuse their trust and disrespect them for a bit too long and they will coldly seal the door shut on you and move on faster than you imagined. Once an INFJ is *sure* a relationship is done or no longer good, they completely let it go. Even if you were close for years, you are soon dismissed. INFJs live in the future, they won’t let your past presence hold them back.

INFJ Confession #897


While I like to take responsibility for my life, I can’t help but think I get overlooked a lot. I need to perform much better than the average person to get an equal amount of praise and recognition. It really annoys me when popular people get rewarded for mediocre performance and the more talented person gets overlooked.

INFJ Confession #905


I don’t like that I emotionally crave interaction with other people because I don’t always feel up to the task. What if I say something that makes the other person turn away? What if I try too hard to play it smooth as if me talking to that person isn’t that big of a deal even though I feel it is, and then I say something that I completely regret and fear it will end all communication…

(by Takinosuke Ara)